What Makes A Great Stoner Film

Written by Alex Southall | 03 Feb 2019
📷 Pineapple Express

So, it’s a typical night. You’re high, and you and your buddies need something to watch on Netflix, what better way than a good stoner movie with your friends.

But what exactly makes a stoner movie?

Here I will show why all we stoners see in certain films being so damn good when high.

The short and simple. Because the average high person has the memory of a goldfish, films with a shorter time are best for stoner’s minds, shorter scenes as well. Comedies reign supreme in terms of stoner films because of this. The best thing a stoner movie can do is give you the giggles on a joke you might remember.

All ages. You can never go wrong with any classic Disney or an old cartoon you once loved, there’s just something more colourful and fun about them. a serious drama type film would never give you that. The creativity and childlike interest in these films will respond well with your high mind, children films can be stupidly weird too, like something as bizarre as Space Jam. Why a high person not want to see Michael Jordan’s arm stretch like a cartoon character? Moments like those define good stoner films. Even if the films are stupid, a good stoner will always find enjoyment out of the little things.

What else makes a great stoner film? How about films about what makes you stoned. Films about stoners. You can never not relate to these, and there’s an abundance of them on Netflix: Mac and Devin, How High. I’ll even mention Disjointed, a great stoner sitcom. You can never go wrong with these kinds of films or series.