How To Avoid High Paranoia

Written by Alex Southall | 09 Oct 2018
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Smoking weed is great. I don’t need to tell you that, but it is. Relaxing and smoking with your friends or alone is always a great time. But not everything can be perfect, not when stoners around the world deal with the troubles of paranoia.

The ways that smoking weed causing paranoia is dependent on a lot of factors, so a stoner will face it at some point. If you are a new stoner, you might not be able to deal with it so well, so I will go over some ways to make sure paranoia doesn’t affect the joys of weed.

Drugs, drugs, drugs. The most important thing to remember when smoking weed is that it is a hell of drug, and everything you feel at the time is because of that drug, the good and the bad. It sounds obvious but is a key mindset you need to think when smoking weed. If you get any bad thoughts or worries thinking this can stop it before it starts spiralling out of control.

Location matters. Whether you’re starting out smoking or a stoner veteran, when and where you are smoking can be very important. Being with the wrong sort of people who perhaps doing something you didn’t want to do. Especially when you start out smoking. its best to just take it easy and smoke in a place you are familiar with, and where you maybe don’t get a lot of high interactions with strangers.

Prepare yourself. The best way to often stop worrying about things is to not let yourself have anything to worry about. Before you smoke maybe you should instead take care of all those life responsibilities, maybe if you’re going out to smoke double check if the door has been locked or not. Just let your sober self take care of everything so you don’t have to when you’re high.

You aren’t the only one. Just like the first piece of advice the last one is obvious but needs to be said. You all smoked the same stuff, you are all probably feeling the same. There’s nothing like a bit of camaraderie to help you clear past those negative thoughts. You can always use those high people around you to let you know that all that paranoia might as well not be there.

This part of weed unfortunately can happen every now and then and it sucks. But if you remember these tips you will be able to pull past it and truly enjoy the magic of weed.

“Oh Paranoia, why can’t I breed you out?"