The Right Way To Roll Your First Joint

Written by Pablo Martin | 23 Sep 2018
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Although rolling a joint may seem like a very debatable subject amongst smokers, this brief overview will cover the essential steps, which then may be personalised to one’s liking. First of all, let’s go over a quick check list:

- Grinder

- Rolling paper

- Filter tip

- Lighter

- Of course… weed!

Quoting our friend Slowburn from Mac & Devin go to High School, “Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke that shit”. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Grind your weed

Again, just as other steps from this process, this is not necessary. There is a division within the stoner community which splits them into two categories: “grinder-users” and “hand-pickers”. Since grinding weed is easier and more convenient for beginners, this walkthrough will not use hand picking.

Tip: Make sure the seeds and stems are picked out and separated from the buds, and not ground. These can be saved to make cannabis tea.

2. Roll a filter tip

These are used to stop any weed falling through the joint, filtering the tar and to allow smoke flow. Perforated filter tips are very useful to learn how to make the “W” or “S” inside the filter.

3. Place filter and weed on paper

Depending on whether the roller is left or right handed, the filter will feel better on one side or the other. Once the paper has been evenly covered with the green skunky funky, the joint is ready to be rolled.

WARNING: Ensure the glued edge is facing you to avoid unexpected disasters.

4. Roll the joint

The key for this step is to even out the weed within the joint by making an equal cylinder from the filter to the end of the joint. Once the joint has been moulded into a cylinder, the paper can now be tucked around the filter and extended throughout the whole joint. Apply moisture (or lick) the glued side of the paper while extending.

Tip: Make sure not too much moisture is applied to the joint, since it could wet it and ruin the paper.

5. Pack it all up

Use a sharp object, like a pen or pencil, to push and pack all the weed in your joint to even it out appropriately and eliminate any air spaces.

Now you’re all set to chill out, put a movie on, raid the fridge and blaze it up. In the future, we will discuss alternative rolling methods and techniques.