The Main Differences Between Indica And Sativa

Written by Pablo Martin | 22 Oct 2018
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“Weed is weed.” Unfortunately, this is a phrase that can be heard repeatedly amongst a sector of cannabis consumers. The reason why this is an issue is because it clearly portrays how little some of these people know about a substance that they are willingly depositing in their body. Ever felt sleepy after a joint? Or ever felt really creative, such as drawing, writing or singing? Although these also tend to get altered by the mood the smoker is in, it also depends vastly on what the user is smoking. This article will explore the two main types of cannabis that can be found: indica and sativa.

What do they look like?

Sativa plants are mainly distinguished due to their heights and longer leaves. When buds grow, these tend to grow less dense and with lighter colours. Sativa smells are normally fruitier and earthier.

In the other hand, indica plants normally do not grow any taller than 5ft. Moreover, these are normally bushier and shorter, with thicker and sturdier leaves. Indica buds grow with dark pigments, such as purple, with denser and stronger smells.

What do they do?

It is commonly argued that the effects that cannabis has on an individual may vary between tolerance, chemical composition of the plant, dose and way of consumption. These are very personal quantities and features that will undoubtedly vary for each person. Generally, this is what these do:


  • Uplifting and energetic
  • Suitable for day time smoking
  • Hallucinogenic
  • Stimulates creativity


  • Relaxing and couch-locking
  • Helps with pain and anxiety
  • Aids with sleep
  • Reduces paroxysms and seizures

Somewhere between the sativa and indica territory, we have a term called hybrid. These are normally strains that have inherited by parents involving both sativa and indica. For example, Strawberry Kush is a crossing between Strawberry Cough (mainly sativa) and OG Kush (mainly indica), which then will form the hybrid. Hybrids can normally be sativa or indica dominant, depending on the predominant parents. However, statistics that indicate percentage splits between indica and sativa tend to be very subjective and relative to the user.

Now you are all set to choose strains wisely for different occasions, whether is to have a ‘night night’ joint or to smoke while chilling with friends during a gathering. Why don’t you browse through your selection of strains? Also, let us know if your favourite strain is not in our list and we will make sure to add it for you!