The High Experience: My First Time

Written by Alex Southall | 11 Dec 2019
📷 New Atlas

Being high is a feeling that often cannot be described, before you’ve ever smoked you cannot define the exact experience. But after you have taken the opportunity, is when you completely understand what it means to be as high as a kite.

The first time smoking for myself was just over a year ago, late in the day, as great as the experience of smoking is for the first time, there was often a feeling of uncertainty with it at first, as stigmas and ideas against weed has caused a negative image greater than what it deserves, which is unfortunate at first, but the more you learn about the plant we all love, that changes to learn what weed truly is about.

I had borrowed some from the people I lived with, the best way to smoke weed the first time is always with people, buying it yourself could be a waste if it the activity is not for you, and being in a place you are comfortable is always the best first situation.

For me, smoking was something I was not familiar with, and weed can seem like a particularly strong experience, improperly inhaling smoke was almost inevitable, making the coughing come thereafter make this seem like a mistake. However, that pales in comparison to what came after, the room felt brighter. All senses are enhanced in ways you wouldn’t think were possible. I remember just looking at the lights around the kitchen, at first everything would seem unusual. The experiences of smoking is one I am sure we are all familiar with, but we all know the first time, and even the following times, are some of the best experiences. Everything just seems a little better, conversations are more interesting, jokes are funnier, and food tastes better.

The same night I first smoked weed made me realise one of the best aspects of it, the sleep. The first night I smoked weed I also slept the best I had ever done in a long time, for once I experienced a comfortable full 8 hour sleep, as somebody who had major issues with sleeping, weed was a good help with it.

What are some your own experiences when trying to smoke weed for the first time? What were some of the beneficial aspects you found out for the first time? Let us know in the comments below!