The Europe CBD Expo 2019

Written by Pablo Martin | 21 Jul 2019
📷 The Cannabis Reporter

Last week we had the pleasure to attend the Europe CBD Expo held in the ExCeL London, one of the biggest B2B and B2C showcase events in Europe. This event focused primarily on the CBD and medical cannabis industry, comprising of leading worldwide brands and government representatives, prestigious researchers and scientists and over 100 exhibitors and speakers.

One month prior to the event we received the Press and Influencer pack, receiving a selection of CBD products, including a Kaneh-B B-UP+ softening and soothing balm, Green Stem Seville Orange CBD drops and a multi-tool UNV Medical herb grinder. After trying all these products, our excitement for the event increased vastly considering how high the bar was set! The pack also included a copy of the latest Vapouround, a magazine with a main focus on the vaping industry, but has been getting heavily involved within the CBD sector recently.

Upon arrival on Friday, we made our way to the Press and Influencer Lounge. The purpose of this location was to allow press, influencers and brands to network in a comfortable area, also providing seating space for meetings. After collecting our show bag containing several more free products, we started our day at the Expo. There was a very active and lively atmosphere present throughout most of the day, easing the process of connecting with other brands. It was great to learn about new brands we were not familiar with, including their goals, values and approach to the medical cannabis industry in the UK.

We were fortunate enough to arrange a brief meeting with the CEO of UNIVO Pharmaceuticals, Golan Bitton. Golan has over 20 years of managerial within the Israeli Ministry of Defense, as well as implementing multi-million dollar projects for the Government. UNIVO is a vertically-integrated medical cannabis company based in Ashkelon, Israel, which currently holds licenses for the following:

  • Growing and breeding
  • Production of medical cannabis based products
  • Research and development
  • Distribution

UNIVO’s elaborate team is comprised by top scientists, chemists and cannabis experts, including Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister of Israel between 2006 and 2009, as a business advisor. Different topics were discussed between us and Golan, ranging from his personal experience transitioning from the Ministry of Defense to the medical cannabis industry, to his views regarding the UK’s current situation involving medical cannabis. Furthermore, we discussed his interest in exporting his products to the UK, however, these will only be available with medical prescription. Currently, UNIVO offers two different types of products: dried flowers and extracts. These are further categorised by colour depending on their cannabinoid ratio (THC dominant, CBD dominant, THC/CBD balance). We expressed our deep gratitude to Golan for taking his time to talk to us and sharing so much information in such little time and we continued with our Expo schedule.

During the afternoon, we took the time to catch up and connect with some of our affiliates in the event, such as Bud & Tender, Quwick and HERBL. Catching up with our affiliates is a great opportunity to learn about your partner’s short term plans and goals, as well as exchange ideas to help each other grow! It was beyond exciting to see some of these products receive so much attention and recognition during the weekend, making Kushtopia extremely proud of partnering with top quality brands.

Saturday was a very different day for us. We attended the event with a consumer mindset, rather than networking with other companies. Using this day as CBD consumers and enthusiasts gave us the chance to explore the products showcased for personal benefit and use in an enjoyable and relaxing manner.

We would like to thank all sponsors, organisers, exhibitors, speakers, press/influencers and attendees for not only making it a very enjoyable weekend, but also for bringing a vast majority of the cannabis community together - as it is really is truly humbling to see so many companies out there with the same goals and fighting for a similar future. We are already looking forward to the ECE 2020.