Spannabis Champions Cup 2019 Winners

Written by Pablo Martin | 20 Mar 2019
📷 Alchimia

After spending an incredible weekend in Barcelona, the main event was wrapped up by the Spannabis Champions Cup. This cup prizes the following categories: CBD, Sativa, Indica, Solventless extraction and Solvent extraction. This is the list of this year's winners - congratulations to all participants!

CBD Category

1.º PiHaze by Research Development Cannabinoid

2.º Independent by Research Development Cannabinoid

3.º PiHaze 2.0 by R-Kiem Seeds

Indica Category

1.º Blue Lime Pie by Soil With Attitude

2.º Gelato #6 Spanish Grown by Terps Army

3.º Lemon Punch by The Plug Store

Sativa Category

1.º Forbidden Fruit by Soil With Attitude

2.º La Amnesia by Paradise Seeds

3.º Lemonade by Soil With Attitude

Solventless extraction category

1.º Hash Rosin Sunset Sherbert by HQ

2.º Barbara Bud by House of The Great Gardener

3.º René de House by The Great Gardener

Solvent extraction category

1.º Banana Split by The Backyard

2.º Papaya OG by Enzo Labs

3.º Phantom OG by Harmony Extracts

Andanda Lab laboratory Special Awards:

Highest CBD Vegetal Sample: Master Hemp by Medical Marijuana Genetics

Highest THC Vegetal Sample: Sublimator by R-Kiem Seeds

Best Purged BHO Sample: PiHaze by CBD Botanic