Quwick Mini Herb Vaporizer

Written by Pablo Martin | 27 Jun 2019

Welcome to Kushtopia’s first ever product review. In this section, we will discuss different trending products within the cannabis industry and give brief overviews on the product as a whole. This week, we will be reviewing the Quwick Mini Herbal Vaporizer - so let’s jump straight right in!

This portable herbal vaporizer by Quwick is a perfect product to experience true portability. Dry herb vaporizers are devices used to vape dry flower - not e-liquids like vape pens or e-cigs. The current model that Quwick are offering is the “Mini”, sitting at an affordable price of £60 - however, there is a current offer of £10 off, pricing the product at £50.



Packaging - Very sleek and simple packaging. Convenient size to receive through the mail and avoids the usage of unnecessary amounts of plastic and card. The product includes:

  • Quwick Mini Vaporizer
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Black Resin pipe
  • USB Charging cable
  • Cleaning brush
  • Packing tool

Appearance - The product design behind the vaporizer is admirable - as the size conveniency and lack of bulky weight are almost unmatchable in our experience with other vaping units. Being as tall as a Clipper lighter and comprising of one single button, this vaporizer boasts of simplicity and aesthetics.

Usability and experience - We charged the vaporizer for one hour, as the user manual stated. This should be enough battery life for 8 x 3-minute cycles - however, we personally prefer to split it by 4 x 6-minute cycles (mostly depending on heating).

Ensure that you pack your device while is cool and the oven has not started heating up yet. Pack it loosely with ground herb - if you are using the Quwick Cartridge to pre-pack your herb, make sure this is inserted in the oven before heating. The add-on cartridge is a great complementary product for your vaping unit, to always take with you a pre-loaded capsule with you on the run - aiding in comfort, discretion and time consumption. The flower used for this product was kindly provided by CBD Central - Tangie (CBD: 19.0%, THC: 0.01%) and Strawberry Kush (CBD: 12.15%, THC: 0.05%), both really rich in flavour and aromas.

The device has 3 different temperatures available when you turn it on; 200ºC, 210ºC, and 220ºC.

These will be preferred depending on how intensified the user wants the effects of the herb to show. We currently use it on 220ºC with almost fully open airflow to enjoy a more intense and powerful session, that lasts a little bit longer. Once you have set your temperate, the LED will continue to flash until it vibrates and the light stays on consistently - meaning that the heating oven has reached the desired temperature. Some other product features include:

  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 3 Temperature Levels
  • Air Cooling
  • Single Button Control
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Metal Casing

Pros and Cons



This product is extremely portable and discrete - allowing the user to enjoy quick sessions throughout the day.

May be convenient for some users to be able to regulate their device below 200ºC if they wished to.

Very user-friendly - comprising of simply one button and 3 LED lights to allow product navigation and selection.

This product heats up relatively quickly, so it is not recommended to have sessions longer than 7 minutes, as it may get a bit too hot.


This product is ideal for pretty much any herb consumer. It is a commonly known phenomenon within the cannabis community that there are two main preferences for consuming flowers: vaping and smoking. Whereas vaping is a lot more modern and perhaps not as recognised as smoking, it is undeniably healthier, by switching from combustion to vaporization. Although this product may only seem useful for vapers, this artifact may also accompany any recreational, therapeutic or medical user in public spaces and when you would like to medicate “on-the-go”.

Note: This product is safely discrete to use, however, make sure that it is only used outdoors and not enclosed areas, as the smell of the flower vapour can be slightly picked up in crowded spaces.

Manufacturer’s Tips

  • We recommend regular cleaning and maintenance of your device for optimal results and longevity. Clean the device with the brush provided, and the mouthpiece can be washed separately with hot water and soap. DO NOT USE WATER ON THE DEVICE!
  • Open the airflow adjuster for bigger vape hits.
  • Charge your device regularly.

WARNING: Only remove the mouthpiece, pre-loaded capsules, or finished herb products when the device has COMPLETELY COOLED (minimum 1 hour) as these items reach extreme temperatures.

In conclusion, this herbal vaporizer seems like an ideal product for inexperienced or casual vapers, as it can be very easy to understand and to maintain. Furthermore, it is great to see that Quwick is already thinking about add-on products to already improve your vaping experience even further. Keep your sessions within the time-bound recommended and make sure to keep your device clean at all times to vape in optimum conditions.

If you want to learn more about this product or have further enquiries, please visit https://www.quwick.com/product-page/mini.