Little Rick Sparkling CBD Drink

Written by Pablo Martin | 22 Feb 2020

For this week's product review we will be reviewing Little Rick's Sparkling CBD Drinks - including two of their top flavours: Raspberry & Coconut and Mint & Lime. Little Ricks is a specialised cannabis company based in Wimbledon, London. All Little Rick products are produced and sourced in the United Kingdom, keeping their carbon footprint low and British industries in business.

As we have previously mentioned, the ways in which the benefits of cannabis can be consumed by individuals have multiplied continuously throughout the years, giving consumers options from vaping CBD products to CBD infused body patches. Little Rick is described as a 'sidekick' providing one's daily dose of cannabinoids.



Packaging and appearance - Little Rick comes in colourful cans, which s the least energy-consuming container to produce and distribute, plus they are widely recycled too. Cans also help to preserve the cannabinoids, which can degrade in direct sunlight. Each flavour has its own colour!

Usability and experience - The Little Rick drinks provide a great way to take your daily cannabinoid intake wherever you need to. These beverages can be a great supplement to boost your day, not only providing your endocannabinoid system with CBD, but with other cannabinoids to enjoy the full effects - a mechanism commonly known as the "entourage effect".

We tried this product in the evening. The reason for this was to feel the full effects after an active day and a work-out. CBD is an anti-catabolic, which means it regulates how much cortisol is released into the system. By reducing the level of cortisol in your body post-workout, CBD allows protein synthesis and encourages muscle regeneration.

CBG is known to kill or slow bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, inhibit cell growth in tumour/cancer cells, and promote bone growth.

However, CBC is widely known for its anti-viral and antibacterial effects, as well as stimulating brain growth.

We would recommend to not ingest a much higher dose than the recommended, as this will not have many effects on your already activated endocannabinoid system and the sugar content of two or more cans a day may be excessive for some. Overall, it was a positive experience with the possibility of taking your can anywhere and drink on-the-go!

Product features and ingredients

  • CBD: 32mg
  • CBC: 1.2mg
  • CBG: 6mg
  • 0g fat per can
  • UK produced


Piña and Mint & Lime - Sparkling water, British beet sugar, juice from concentrate, natural flavourings, citric acid, steviol glycosides, arabica gum, ascorbic acid, CBD, CBG and CBC.

Raspberry Coconut - Sparkling water, citric acid, arabica gum and vegetable oil flavourings, sucralose, acesulfame K, trisodium citrate, sodium benzoate, CBD, CBG and CBC.


Pros and cons



- Piña and Mint Lime are


- Raspberry Coconut contains

sodium benzoate.

- Low sugar and low

calorie content.

- As with any other CBD product,

legalities of the product may vary

in different countries.


Little Rick is a supplement suitable for any individual seeking to fit in the cannabinoids dose. However, we do not endorse the use of underaged children, pregnant/breastfeeding women.

Manufacturer’s tips

  • Do not operate any heavy machinery after drinking.
  • Allow 30 minutes after drinking for full effects.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women or underaged individuals.

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