How to Smoke Hash Without Tobacco

Written by Gea Seeds Blog | 21 Jun 2020

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There are several different ways in which one can consume hash, however, trends and patterns tend to vary by location. For example, in Spain, most of hash consumers tend to blend it with tobacco; whereas in Morocco is very common to consume it with a pipe. So if you want to smoke unblended hash, what options do you have?

Tobacco-free pipe (Sebsi)

A sebsi is typical Moroccan pipe; these pipes consist of a small clay/stone bowl connected to a narrow wooden tube/cylinder. For pipe smoking, just crumble the hash and put it in the bowl; fire it with a lighter, inhale through the cylinder edge and the smoke will pass, from the bowl to the cylinder, into your lungs. Usually, these pipes are made of completely natural materials, and their long-haul design provides a very smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.


At first glance, bongs, or water pipes may seem difficult to use – nothing could be more untrue; their functioning is really simple – similar to a sebsi: fire the hash with a lighter; when inhaling, the smoke is filtered and chilled by water. Usually, these are made of glass – easy-to-clean, cheap and light material.

Shisha pipe (Hookah)

Currently, shisha pipes – or hookahs – are trending. These also filter the smoke by water; however, the blend is not fired with the lighter – usually, with charcoal embers. A hookah is made of a head (where the hash would be placed broken into bits), covered by pierced aluminium foil – the charcoal which fires the substance is placed on it and a small valve purges the stale air from the interior of the bong. Moreover, it normally has a base, usually made of glass and contains the filtering water or liquid. Lastly, there is a hose – you inhale the filtered vapour.


This modern extracting method is able to separate the psychoactive oils from vegetal material by means of heat and evaporation – not combusting toxic substances. The process consists in exposing the vegetal materials to a hot airflow – due to thermal processing, the psychoactive components are vaporised, the content passes to the air and it is concentrated in a plastic bag to be inhaled. This is a multi-pro system – same process for different hash-vapour bags, one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis or cannabis derivatives.

Source: Gea Seeds