How to Grow Cannabis Vertically

Written by Emma Ryte | 01 May 2020
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Vertical cannabis growing is a technique by which you can maximise the entire space in which you are growing. This is a system designed for indoor growers who are limited on floor space but are still looking to grow a large number of plants. Just like with any system, this one has its advantages and its disadvantages, but depending on what you’re looking to achieve, can be a good option for your grow room.

The idea behind vertical cannabis growing is using not only the floor space of your grow room, but the vertical space, too. It is, effectively, making your grow room taller. This is a technique that growers can use to maximise yields, to make better use of space, and to make the light in your area more efficient.

How exactly does it work?

Vertical cannabis systems are usually purchased (in different sizes depending on how big your operation is going to be) to be set up in the space you plan to grow in. The plants are arranged in a 360-degree formation around a tube that contains the light globes inside. This means that the space between the floor and the roof can be used as areas exposed to high light. The marijuana plants are hung, usually in rockwool cubes, around the globes centred between them.

In general, the idea is to have a lot of plants in this growing operation to make the most of all the light and space that are available. As a result of the set-up, the plants are kept quite short, in the vegetative stage, for only a few days before they are flowered.

Why use the vertical cannabis growing technique?

There are a number of reasons to opt for a vertical grow room, and the main one is to have more plants. If you aren’t growing a lot of plants, then there is probably no reason to install a system like this. The idea behind this is to dramatically increase yields in an easy way.

Increasing yield without too much effort

The vertical cannabis growing system effectively means that there is more yield per light than if they were using a conventional indoor marijuana growing system. Some experienced growers are achieving 50 to 70 ounces per crop of plants that they have growing in their vertical grow room, which is an incredibly high number for how little space this grow operation takes up.

An extra crop cycle

Because of utilizing the vertical space rather than the horizontal space, the plants in these crops are kept short. They are only vegetated for a few days, meaning that in the year you have the opportunity for a whole extra crop cycle. This is, of course, one of the reasons that the yield per year can be so high. That means that the amount of money you spend on a vertical system can probably pay itself off in a year!

It’s easy to install

If this is a road you’re looking to go down, it doesn’t take much in the way of hard work to install it. Most of the systems that you can purchase are just about ready to be used, and they come with everything you need including the rockwool cubes and drip irrigation lines. The more expensive ones can be set up in less than an hour. Some of them even come with their own tent so that you don’t have to purchase that separately! All that the grower actually needs to have are the nutrients and a filter and extraction system.

Better use of space and electricity

In general, a two-light vertical grow room takes up less space than a two-light horizontal grow room. It actually takes up fewer cubic metres, and this means that you can produce higher yields using less electricity. This is a huge benefit of the vertical growing system, as growers are always looking to maximise yields and minimise costs.

Things to consider before installing a vertical system

One of the main things to consider before installing a vertical system in your grow room is the fact that this system is designed to have a lot of plants in it. This is not really a system for smaller growing operations. The only way to maximise the potential of this system is by really stacking the plants up from the ground to the roof. So what about all the extra plants? It’s important to consider your growing location, and whether or not you’re going to end up in trouble for having over 100 plants in your grow room!

This process might be a little bit more tedious at the beginning because it will also mean that you need more mother plants. Having more plants means having more mother plants, so it is important to consider where they are going to live and the space and electricity required for these, too. It is also time-consuming to fill up your vertical growing system with the plants from the cuttings. Propagating that many plants takes a lot of time, so take this into consideration before going down the road of vertical growing.

Finally, purchasing the system for a vertical growing system is more expensive than for a horizontal system. This option is really designed for those looking to maximise business potential, as it does require an investment at first.

Source: Weed Seed Shop