How To Choose Your Ideal Grinder

Written by Pablo Martin | 10 Feb 2019
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For some is just a grinder, but for others it can be the core of their medication. Before the consumption of cannabis, whether it is inhaled or ingested, the bud will have to be broken up as heartbreaking as it may seem at times. As we mentioned on our previous article The Right Way to Roll a Joint, there will always be an ongoing argument as to whereas weed should be ground or hand-picked. Grinders are very common in the UK, since it seems to get the job done quicker and finer. So, what do you exactly need to know if you want to buy a new grinder? In this article, we will cover a selection of types of grinders and when are they beneficial.

Plastic grinders

Plastic grinder

These tend to be categorised further due to the variety of sizes and colours. Plastic grinders may vary in diameter, as well as in parts. Parts are the grinder layers, normally containing between 2 and 5. Grinders with two parts will only contain the teeth to grind the herb, as others will have extra parts to collect the kief, which will be covered in one of our future articles, and to keep separate buds. Plastic grinders are amongst Kushtopia's favourites due to their simplicity and cost-friendliness. These may shatter with ease compared to the other types.

Wooden grinders

Wooden grinder

Wooden grinders tend to last the longest, so this grinder is ideal if you want to settle for a specific one for a long time. The most common of these tend to come with 2 parts, but 3-layered wooden grinders are also available. The design for these tend to vary between engraved wood and printed on. Wooden grinders’ teeth are normally thin metal rods, therefore may not grind the herb as fine as plastic.

Metal grinders

Metal grinder

These are probably the most styled modern grinders, with extreme resistance, and endless amount of designs and shapes. Again, these grinders tend to grind less finely than plastic ones too, perfect for any user who is not a fan of fine grinding. The major drawbacks about these grinders tend to revolve around the mesh for collecting kief, which seems to get blocked frequently, not allowing any kief to pass through. Another disadvantage is after a couple of months of use, it will start showing signs of defect and jamming.

Electric grinders

Electric grinders

Raising popularity in Europe in the last couple of years, these blender-like grinders are ideal for a quick and effective job. As simple as inserting the bud in the grinder, press the button until the weed is ground to one’s liking and ready to smoke. Compared to the others, these tend to be more expensive.

Although there are several other types of grinders such as bud graters and rotating crank grinders, the most popular ones around the world have been covered, hoping that it will give you a better insight on how your grinder should be.