High Performance: Does Consumption Improve Your Day-to-day?

Written by Alex Southall | 05 Mar 2019
📷 Harvard Business Review

You could ask stoners the same question of when do they like to smoke, and you would probably receive a different answer from each one of them - some will only enjoy smoking with friends, others before they sleep, however sometimes a reason to smoke weed is so you can be productive. Your brain chemistry changes with a smoke, so how could this help you with day to day?

I have personally found that smoking only works best to increase productivity when it’s a task I would have interest in doing at the time in the first place, distractions become so much easier to follow when you’re high, that can lead to getting nothing done at all. When I smoke, I tend to do look towards something I enjoy.

The best application for smoking to get things done I have found is anything involving solving problems, maybe it’s the way that your brain thinks while high, or maybe it’s a complete illusion because your brain is thinking differently, but anytime problem solving is needed, smoking makes me find solutions to problems that I may have missed before.

A common belief of being high is that it makes you more creative, however, the truth is that it just makes you think you are. While that may be a shame, it does however mean that you’ll believe that the result of whatever you are doing will probably seem more worthwhile in your eye, whether it be more creative, or more impressive, this can be a good use of motivation to keep at it, practicing a skill is often long and an unrewarding process that reaps no rewards, however finding your own personal enjoyment in improving a skill through weed may be a good way to help you become better.

Of course, smoking weed is not the only effort, and maybe is always not best relied on, however there are some advantages, they may only be applicable depending on the person, however each person will always find their own advantage to weed, which is usually the case. Are there any ways that weed has helped you out in getting tasks accomplished? Let us know on your comments below!