Hamilton Street CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee

Written by Pablo Martin | 08 Jan 2020

Our first product review of 2020 features two different Hamilton Street CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee flavours: Original and Vanilla.

Founded by two university students, Hamilton Street CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee was created after they incorporated CBD into their morning coffee routine and experiencing the great cannabinoid-caffeine combination.



Packaging - The two bottles arrived in a secured package, which protected the glass bottles. The bottles are very ergonomic and classy, making it a perfect compliment for your breakfast.

Appearance - For coffee lovers, we can guarantee you will love the smell of it as soon as you open the bottle. The fresh coffee aroma is amazing, however not overpowering or bitter. The Vanilla brew has a very similar smell, with a sweeter quick at the end.

Usability and experience - This great tasting cold brew coffee is smooth and refreshing, making it ideal for any time of the day.

Firstly, we tried the Original brew - splitting 125ml in a glass with two ice cubes and 125ml with 25ml of almond milk. Apart from tasting amazing, the combination of CBD and caffeine was very effective with both different ways. Why not try mixing your Hamilton Street CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee with some beverages to make your own cocktails?

The Vanilla brew was tasted using the same method as the Original brew. The taste was incredibly nice with a noticeable hint of vanilla after every sip. If you can't decide between one of the two flavours, there are Mix & Match boxes available!

Product features and ingredients

  • 250ml per bottle
  • 10mg CBD per bottle
  • Double shot of caffeine per bottle.
  • Organic and Fairtrade certified Colombian Beans and Natural Madagascan Vanilla Pods.
  • Coffee beans are brewed in cold water for 24 hours, resulting in a lower acidity level and a smooth, clean taste.
  • Cannabinoid analysis reports available.


  • Water, coffee, Natural hemp extract.

Pros and cons



Gluten, sugar and fat free.
Not suitable for people who
don't consume caffeine.
Organic and Fairtrade certified
Colombian Beans
As with any other CBD product, legalities
of the product may vary in different


As we have previously mentioned in other reviews, CBD's raising popularity is not gone unnoticed as high-quality brands, such as Hamilton Street, are developing great ways to make CBD inclusive for a large section of the population - such as coffee drinkers!

As we are continuously learning more about our endocannabinoid system and the effects it has on us, we would recommend this supplementary drink to be consumed by adults (as mentioned on the bottle too).

Manufacturer’s tips

  • Store in a cool, dark place.
  • No more than two bottles per day recommended.
  • Check out Hamilton Street's Instagram for some amazing recipes and different ways to enjoy your cold brew coffee!

If you want to learn more about this product or have further enquiries, please visit Hamilton Street.