Cannabis Farm Causes Purple Glow After Snow Storm Over Navajo County

Written by Kaila White | 14 Jan 2020
📷 The Arizona Republic

Navajo County posted a surprising photo to their Facebook on Friday showing a bright purple sky over Snowflake, Arizona.

The landscape, with shades of pink and purple across clouds in the sky and a blanket of white snow on the ground, looks more like a video game than real life.

The hue is thanks to lights from nearby cannabis farm Copperstate Farms. It was visible for miles, according to the post.

"The purple glow is a result of UV lights from nearby medical marijuana farm Copperstate Farms and the snow clouds overhead," the post said.

The area got 1 to 2 inches of snow over Thursday night and Friday morning, according to the National Weather Service in Flagstaff.

Copperstate employed close to 200 people as of last April, growing marijuana in a large greenhouse that formerly grew tomatoes.

Source: The Arizona Republic