5 Steps To Control Your THC Tolerance

Written by The Hurt Guru | 09 Oct 2019
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After you’ve been using cannabis for awhile, you may notice that you no longer get as high as you did when you first started – which is perfectly natural.

Over time, the body does build up a tolerance to THC, which can lead to a serious reduction in the effects you feel from consuming cannabis products. This means you may have to use significantly more product each time you medicate, otherwise your pain or anxiety may return with a vengeance.

Having a high tolerance can result in lots of wasted product and frustration when trying to medicate your symptoms. Luckily, there’s a workaround, and it’s called healthy lifestyle.

THC metabolites are stored in the fat cells of your body, so it makes sense that keeping your diet and exercise plan on point can help you shed some of that stubborn old tolerance, while you shed fat. But it’s more than that. It’s about keeping the systems of your body balanced – not overloaded.

I can practically guarantee that if you work on following some of these guidelines, you will feel fresh each next time you medicate. THC is not necessarily a “toxin” but it can be balanced out like one.

1. Drink tons of water

Hydrate and hydrate good if you want your stash to last longer.

Not sure if you’re getting enough? A good benchmark is at least half your body weight # in fluid ounces daily. So if you’re 150lb, that means you should shoot for 75 fluid ounces of water per day. That’s like 6 regular-sized water bottles – so get crackin'!

2. Eat antioxidants daily

Eating clean is important for health in general, but making an effort to add antioxidants to your diet can really help you get rid of unwanted stuff within your body. Try to eat big servings of fruits & dark veggies, or even rich red or green juices daily.

Red wine has antioxidant properties to a certain extent, too, though it’s probably not a good choice during a tolerance break as alcohol dehydrates your cells – making it tougher to shed those pesky THC remnants.

3. Sweat daily

It’s recommended to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day to stay healthy, and by exercise I think we can all agree that means more than just walking around.

As often as you can, I would recommend doing something that will work up a real sweat. Build up that heat and friction to get rid of some of the THC in your fat cells. If you drink alcohol, make sure to hydrate even more than usual before working out. That way you’ll get the full sweat benefit.

4. Switch consumption methods

Did you know that THC metabolises differently in the body based on whether it’s eaten, smoked or vaporised?

Playing around with how you consume each day can help you feel a wider range of effects. For example, try an edible sometimes instead of smoking, use a topical for your pain instead of smoking, or switch to dabbing if you find yourself constantly requiring a higher dose. You may even find a new favourite product by doing some experimentation outside of your comfort zone!

Another great strategy is to add CBD oil to your routine. This will balance out the THC to keep your body and mind feeling their best – meaning, you will smoke less.

5. Give yourself a break

If you have changed your diet plan, increased your amount of exercise, and still feel unaffected when it comes to using cannabis, try taking a minimum of 2 weeks off THC.

Supplement with a CBD oil or some other other herbal supplement during this time in order to keep a balanced mood.

Source: The Hurt Guru